Our most popular and probably most fun training option available. You can either start your own group (3 or more people) or join one of our existing groups. We have different times available throughout the day to accommodate your schedule. We realize there are different fitness levels in the world and no two people are the same.

This is why your workouts are still customized to your abilities in our Group Training Programs. We have amazing clients at Pro Performance and we believe this is why Group Training is so popular and fun. The groups create a close knit bond, constantly encourage each other, provide a healthy dose of competition and keep each other accountable.

So when you are ready to take the plunge and have some fun while working out, contact Pro Performance and set up a consultation for Group Training.

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Have a specific goal you would like to achieve? Drop 20lbs? Get ready for that ______ year school reunion? Prepare for a half marathon or maybe even a full marathon? Or maybe you just aren’t ready for Group Training and would like a little one on one attention? Then Personal Training is for you.

Pro Performance has several different trainers that can help you achieve your goals with different training options. You have the ability to train one on one or one on two (1 trainer, 2 clients). Whatever your preference, each workout and program will be tailored to your individual needs/goals.

So if you are serious and ready, contact Pro Performance and set up an appointment so we can help you achieve your goals.

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Right now, more than ever, the sports world is exploding and is making a huge impact on the lives of our kids. There are more sports offered at every level than ever before. And thanks to local youth organizations, more kids have the opportunity to enjoy these sports, take part in something fun and organized, and to start at an even earlier age. Although this is positive, there is a catch; the demand to perform is greater. This is where Pro Performance comes in to play.

We offer Sports Performance for all ages of athletes. Each workout is tailored to every athlete’s individual need and customized according to the physical demand of their chosen sport. Several of the athletes that have trained at Pro Performance have gone on to excel in college, as well. Some of those institutions include, The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern University, West Georgia, Wofford College and Creighton. If you are ready for your athlete to excel in their sport and get one foot ahead of their competition, contact Pro Performance today and set up a consultation with one of our trainers.

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